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How We Work

It's free and it's simple.

Write a personal message. Upload your video. Choose an amount to send and the person to send it to.

Whether they are in the same city or across the world, Red Pocket Gifts allows you to keep the tradition of money gift giving, but with a personal touch.
And it's all done securely through PayPal.

*standard PayPal fees apply for cross border payments, transactions in a different currency and if funded from a credit card

  • Get Started

    All you need is a PayPal account and your recipient's e-mail address.
    Don't have a PayPal account? It's easy to set up and it's FREE.

  • Make it Personal

    Write a personal message and choose how much you want to send to that special someone.

  • Upload a Video

    Upload a personal video!
    If you're shy, you can opt out of this one. But why not make your gift extra special??

  • Red Pocket It!

    Send a virtual red pocket instantly and securely through PayPal.

    It's that easy.

Safe and Secure

Your money transfer is facilitated by PayPal, so is safe and easy to use.

Videos are uploaded onto Amazon Web Services’ Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),
And can only be viewed by the person who has the unique link.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing